How to use Superflys

Superflys are mainly used for trolling. You can also have great success casting or drifting superflys in lakes, rivers and streams.

When trolling Superflys, remember the target species controls how you use a Superfly. When fishing in a lake or large rivers we recommend trolling while using downriggers or lead trolling weights. Superflys work best behind a flasher or dodger. When using a 11" Pro-Troll style flashers, Superflys perform the best with 36-48" leader. When using a 8" Pro-Troll style flasher we use 18"-30" leaders. Speeds can very from 1Mph to 3Mph.

When fishing surface or subsurface fishing, Superfly's can be used by themselves or with a action disk. Use 5" or 4" superdodgers with 12"-24" leaders. If using a planer board, Superflys work best by themselves or add a action disk. Place the Superfly 100'-200' behind the planer board. Adding 1/2oz-2oz of weight to get the fly subsurface.

2" flys are good for kokanee, trout ect. Common rigging is 8"-20" away from a superdodger. Troll at 1.1 mph-2.0 mph. Tip your Superfly in corn, shrimp ect.

When casting your Superfly, add weight to the line in front of the fly. The further you place the weight the more action your Superfly will have. Try different speeds when retrieving to give the Superfly a pulsing action. Good luck and tight lines