2"Black Ice 2-pack
2"Black Ice 2-pack

2"Black Ice 2-pack

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My ace in the hole .... this is the one I turn to when my chips are down.

The Black Ice Glow Fly!

Believe it or not the colors of this fly is magic!! This trio of color is Black, Glow, and a clear with a tint of color. I can tell you this fly works and that it works really well! In 2016 this fly and its 4" version won more derby's that any other fly out there!

This winning fly is tied together with a 15lb leader and two double stacked #6 mustad hooks and also a super spinner blade.

The Black Ice Glow fly works exceptionally well when pulled 12"-24" behind a dodger/flasher for kokanee, trout and coho.

*Also available in our 2" rigged product